1. Patrick S.

    Great post. I just got a C2 myself and was hoping to get JTAG working. Haven’t tried it yet but these are some good tips. I’m currently trying to extract the usb drivers from the Hardkernal Linux build to see if I can get it running on bare metal, but still have a way to go. Do you think an older $15 JLink might work for debugging more recent chips? It only lists processors up to Cortex A17 and M33 but I’m not really familiar with JTAG.

    • ryan

      Thanks for the comment! I think more important than the adapter is the software support of a debugger for ARMv8/Aarch64. I know that OpenOCD has experimental support, which is what I was experimenting with. Realistically all that needs to happen is shifting in data to the instruction registers. I think most JTAG adapters would work fine, even if not “officially” supported.

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